Hot pink bath rug - Braided rugs for stairs

Hot Pink Bath Rug

hot pink bath rug

    hot pink
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hot pink bath rug - Flokati Faux

Flokati Faux Fur Rugs 2' x 4' (PINK)

Flokati Faux Fur Rugs 2' x 4' (PINK)

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Spanish washing...

Spanish washing...

I was lying by the pool and spotted these bathroom rugs on the line and thought they would make a nice colourful image.


Thank you for all your comments and faves, they are much appreciated!

Hot Pink Party Cupcakes

Hot Pink Party Cupcakes

HOT pink vanilla buttercream topped with assorted sprinkles, silver dragees, fondant daisy and a sour candy ball. All cupcakes are dark chocolate.

hot pink bath rug

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