Crucial Trading Carpets

crucial trading carpets

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crucial trading carpets - Crucial 128

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76% (8)

Mod2 Project1 (Project 2.1)

Mod2 Project1 (Project 2.1)

Mark: 18/20
Tutor's Comments: You have colour matched to the original sample very well, but you could have introduced more pattern and texture to the scheme. You definitely have a good eye for colour and tone but stretch this capability to experiment and play with pattern, scale and texture in your schemes.
You have included white and brown in large areas in this scheme - large areas such as the armchair, headboard and bedcover could benefit from some texture or pattern. Coloured cushions are not enough to break up the expanse of white on the armchair.
You could take the faux suede headboard a step further by having it upholstered rather than just plain. Perhaps deep button upholstery, an inset with contrast piping, or chrome nail detailing - this would give your scheme added depth and contrast.
A chair upholstered in the green silk (10) with some contrast piping would really make the stems of the flowers in the pattern stand out, make the wallpaper really come alive and pull the scheme together.
The carpet works better as a lighter, neutral colour (try Crucial Trading) - a dark colour like this will show fluff and dirt easily.
A bedcover in a similar colour to the background of the wallpaper (such as no.3 curtain fabric) would recede. A bedcover in white silk over white pillows and bedding will stand out in this scheme rather than recede.
All the samples in this scheme are neatly presented and labelled on the board. The fabric edges are neatly turned in with no corners frayed or edges showing.
The samples have been arranged neatly on the board, and the sample sizes are in proportion to what they represent.
The key is clear and easy to read. You have included all details including name, project and date on the board. Do remember to name your board correctly - this should be titled "Colour Matching" rather than "Sample Board".
You have included an image of the ceiling light, and a sketch of the armchair both of which add interest to the overall scheme. A representative sample (glass, mirror, lacquer) of accessories would add further interest to the scheme.
it is not clear from your board how the curtain boarder and trimming (3) are to work, but I read in your justification that the border goes across the bottom. The border sample should be placed across the bottom fo the curtain sample to make clear the look you propose.
The image of the armchair should be rendered to accurately reflect the chosen fabric - leaving it white is not sufficient as we cannot tell what the fabric looks like on the chair.



New carpet on the landing next to the carpet in the living room. Bit of a contrast.

Crucial Trading Audrey Sunrise and Edel Telenzo York.

crucial trading carpets

crucial trading carpets

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